Barcelos ‘16PhD Publishes Book on the Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health

Health Promotion and Policy alumni Chris Barcelos

Chris Barcelos '16PhD

January 14, 2021

Health Promotion and Policy alumni Chris A. Barcelos ‘16PhD recently authored Distributing Condoms and Hope: The Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health, a new book published by the University of California Press.

The publisher describes Distributing Condoms and Hope as a “feminist ethnographic account of how youth sexual health programs in the racially and economically stratified city of ‘Millerston’ reproduce harm in the marginalized communities they are meant to serve.”

Barcelos, now an Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, “makes space for the stories of young mothers, who often recognize the narrow ways that public health professionals respond to pregnancies. Their findings show that teachers, social workers, and nurses ignore systemic issues of race, class, and gender and instead advocate for individual-level solutions such as distributing condoms and promoting ‘hope.’ Through a lens of reproductive justice, Distributing Condoms and Hope imagines a different approach to serving marginalized youth—a support system that neither uses their lives as a basis for disciplinary public policies nor romanticizes their struggles.”

"This book grew out of the dissertation research I conducted during the Community Health Education program, where I learned invaluable tools for a critical, humanistic approach to community health," says Barcelos, who worked under the faculty mentorship of Professor Aline Gubrium.

Distributing Condoms and Hope can be purchased directly from the University of California Press here.