Balzer to Lead Workshop on Estimators for Causal Inference

UMass Amherst Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Laura Balzer

Laura Balzer

September 20, 2018

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Laura Balzer, with Jennifer Ahern of the University of California, Berkeley, will lead a workshop titled “Estimation and interpretation: introduction to parametric and semi-parametric estimators for causal inference” on Friday, September 28, on the Boston University campus. Participants may also register to attend via live web conference.

The workshop, part of the Society for Epidemiological Research’s SERtalks series, will introduce participants to a “causal roadmap” approach to epidemiologic questions: 1) clear statement of the scientific question, 2) definition of the causal model and parameter of interest, 3) assessment of identifiability – that is, linking the causal effect to a parameter estimable from the observed data distribution, 4) choice and implementation of estimators including parametric and semi-parametric, and 5) interpretation of findings. The focus will be on estimation with a simple substitution estimator (parametric g-computation), inverse probability of treatment weighting (IPTW), and targeted maximum likelihood estimation (TMLE) with Super Learner. Participants will work through the roadmap using an applied example and implement these estimators in R during the workshop session.

The Society for Epidemiological Research, founded in 1967, hosts SERtalks quarterly across the country featuring an expert/s on key epidemiology topics.

Visit the SERtalks website for more information or to register.