Alkema featured in UMass Amherst philanthropic report

Leontine Alkema

November 8, 2017

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Leontine Alkema’s mission to improve reproductive health in third world countries has been featured in Aspire: A Report on the Impact of Philanthropy in a piece called 120 Million More. Partnering with Family Planning 2020, Alkema is working to provide 120 million women and girls around the world with access to contraceptives by the year 2020. Aspire is a new biannual report dedicated to the impact of philanthropy on the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Fall 2017 edition illustrates how the generosity of alumni and friends carries forward the promise of access and opportunity to the next generation.

In addition to Alkema’s work, other philanthropic impacts cited in the report include:

Engineers Without Borders, featuring a UMass Amherst group’s efforts to bring potable and yearlong water supplies to two villages in Kenya and one in Ghana. It’s part of a 10-year long project to improve education, reduce disease and increase economic growth.

Art and Science for Saving Sea Turtles explores advances in technology that give us new insight into the lives of the sea turtle, improving our education and conservation to digitally preserve the majestic sea creatures.

The U.S. in the Age of Mass Incarceration focuses on a UMass Amherst historian’s comprehensive examination of mass incarceration, in particular the rising imprisonment of women and the deep and far-reaching ways the carceral state affects communities.

Read the full report here.