I am an exception reporter and forgot to report my time off. What do I do?

If you have missed the deadline for that pay period, you will need to turn in a Time and Labor Correction form. Remember that if you missed part of a day, be sure to account for the entire day by also entering “REG” for the hours you did work. (See “I am a self-reporting exception employee. How do I claim an exception on my timesheet?”, for a more detailed explanation.)

What is the difference between a “positive time reporter” and an “exception time reporter”?

Positive reporters are those who must report their time every week in order to be paid. Generally speaking, this category includes undergraduate and graduate hourly employees, temporary employees (03s), departmental assistants, etc. Exception employees (including most regular, permanent, full-time, non-student employees) are assumed to be working a set schedule and need to report “exceptions” to that schedule (such as sick time or vacation). Job aids for reporting time can be found here.

How do I hire someone?

The answer to this question varies significantly, depending on the type of position you are seeking to fill. Please contact your departmental administrative assistant or the SPHHS Business Center for assistance. Please be aware that the hiring process is often complicated and is governed by many regulations; the process is even more prolonged if you are seeking to either create a new position or change an old one. Because the hiring process often takes so long, please alert the Business Center promptly so that we can get your paperwork started as soon as possible.