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Which program is right for me - the MPH or MS?

The MPH program is targeted towards those individuals with an advanced degree (such as MS, MD, PhD, etc.) in a health-related field, those who are Registered Dietitians, or those individuals who have 3-5 years of relevant post-bachelor’s experience and have taken two courses in nutrition. Students can either pursue a full time on campus MPH program or an online MPH program on a full time or part time basis. The online MPH program is targeted more towards working professionals who want to pursue higher education without giving up their current professional position.

What is the difference between the programs?

MS: This program requires students to be present on campus for a majority of the course work, while some courses may also be taken online. The length of the program typically ranges between 2 to 3 years depending on the prior preparation of the graduate student in the field of nutrition. The M.S. program requires a thesis, upon completion of the core-requirements and other electives. Details on the requirements of the program can be found on our Master of Science page.