How do I make specialty purchases (alcohol, equipment, computers, furniture, chemicals, etc.)?

Information on a variety of University purchasing policies is located here. Some policies are also specific to the school, particularly computer equipment. Computers need to be purchased in conjunction with the SPHHS Information Technology Manager to ensure that the equipment is compatible with our current systems and also so that it can be catalogued upon arrival for maintenance and security purposes.

When is a Business Expense (BE-ER) form needed?

A Business Expense form is needed to document business meeting/entertaining expenses (such as a meal) when one or more employees are present. Generally speaking, however, that is the only time it is needed. Proper documentation of these business meeting expenses is an IRS requirement, and includes naming all individuals present, as well as the why, where, and when of the meeting. Please see the Business Expense Policy for more information. 

How can my grad student get reimbursed for her/his expenses?

Assuming that your grad student is not also an employee, the only way to do this is through a Disbursement Voucher. Fill out the voucher, an Invoice form, and include the student’s expense receipts. If the student has never been paid/reimbursed by the University before, you will need to submit to us the student’s legal name, off-campus address, student id number, and purpose for payment so that he/she can be added as a vendor into the system. (All forms are available on the Controller’s website.)