Research Events Listings

The SPHHS Research Scholar series is run by the Research Administration Office. The focus is on offering seminars that support SPHHS faculty and help them grow and optimize their research program and research skills.  Topics covered in 2019-20 included, for example, “Tips for writing a persuasive grant”, “How to mentor your students to productivity and success”, “How to work best with Grant Program Officers: Both before and after receiving the grant”, “Early career road mapping” and “The ins and outs of a successful training grant – covering F31, F32, and K01 mechanisms”.  The seminars are typically 1 hour in length, and include a panel of 2-4 presenters (e.g., UMASS faculty, administrators from OPAS, OPAM, the VCRE’s office, or NIH program officials etc).  Requests for a seminar on a specific topic can be sent to the Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Hankinson, at Topics being covered in Spring 2022 can be found here:

A number of additional research-related seminars and workshops also are offered on campus:

Center for Community Health Equity Research (CCHER): CCHER is housed in the SPHHS and directed by Dr. Susan Shaw, Associate Professor in HPP.  The Center seeks to promote health equity by diversifying the health care workforce and engaging in community-partnered and multidisciplinary research to study the social production of health disparities.  The Center offers a number of research methods and substantive research seminars each year; these can be found on their news page:

Workshop Series: I’m a PI, Now What? has been a series focused on addressing the ins-and-outs of managing a grant.  The program covers a wide range of relevant topics, such as project management, managing a research group, how to develop collaborations and managing a budget.  The topics vary by year.  It is not offered every year however; in the years this series is not offered, the Powerpoint presentations, that are also very useful, can be found at the link below as well.  The series has been supported by the Office of Faculty Development, as well as the Provost's Office, Center for Research on Families (CRF), Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR), Office of Research and Engagement, College of Education, College of Natural Sciences, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, and our own SPHHS. View their offerings at this link.

Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at UMASS Amherst conducts seminars, workshops and outside events to provide resources and support for researchers using social science methods, seeking to take part in collaborative and interdisciplinary research, doing publicly engaged research, and seeking external funding for research.  Access their information at this link.   

Office for Faculty Development (OFD) at UMASS Amherst. The mission of the Office of Faculty Development (OFD) is to support all faculty at every career stage through workshops and resources for their successful onboarding, research/creative work, scholarly writing, mentoring networks, leadership skills, and career advancement. Please go to Research Next for news and highlights of research activity going on here at UMass. For news and updates from the Office of Research and Engagement, click here.  Occasionally other events sponsored by the OFD also focus on research – their general calendar of events can be found here:

The Office of Research and Engagement supports an evolving program of faculty research development workshops, seminars, and peer-to-peer mentoring programs intended to support faculty who are conducting research. Programs are designed to be either complementary to or integrated with other faculty development offerings on campus.  A full list of upcoming workshops can be found on the Research & Engagement website.

The Office of Research Project Management and Training (ORPMT), within the Office of Research and Engagement, offers a Research Administration Core Curriculum series several times a year, and these sessions are extremely useful for faculty who are doing (or developing) research.  This program is broken down into six core topic areas (such as “Proposal Submission and Budgeting” and “Award Management”) that are presented by various content experts on campus. It is meant to be taken in order and will be offered twice a semester. Core topics can be taken individually, but some relevant details may be missed that are covered in other trainings. See more details here.

Center for Research on Families (CRF): CRF is an interdisciplinary research center based in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the College of Natural Sciences.  The Center has a number of goals including increasing research on family issues; building a multidisciplinary community of researchers who are studying issues of relevance to families; providing mentoring to increase successful funding and management of external grant awards; and providing training and consultation in advanced data analytic methods.  CRF sponsored events and methodology workshops can be found here:

Graduate School: The Graduate School offers a wide range of seminars and other events geared towards the professional development and research needs of your graduate students on campus.  Offerings include grants and fellowships, interviewing, writing etc.  More information can be found here: