MPH Task Force

The MPH Task Force has been charged with reviewing current SPHHS core curriculum (including consideration of core courses, and the MPH practicum and final project requirements), studying the integrated MPH core curricula of other CEPH-accredited programs, and exploring whether changes to its current core courses and/or organizational structures for the MPH degree are needed to meet the current required competencies as outlined by the Council for Education on Public Health (CEPH). 

The MPH Task Force has completed its final report. In the report, the MPH Task Force describe the results of its review as well as its proposals for revising the MPH curriculum. The proposed revisions will implement a curriculum that is consistent across on-campus programs and online programs and will fully meet CEPH criteria. Importantly, the new core courses integrate across Public Health disciplines and include a focus on health equity.

View answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the Integrated MPH Curriculum here.

The MPH Task Force invites feedback on its recommendations from faculty, staff, students and alumni. Please contact MPH Task Force chair Katherine Reeves directly with your thoughts, or provide anonymous feedback via this webform. In addition to conversations that will be happening within departments, the MPH Task Force hosted two town hall meetings to discuss the proposals.
Ultimately, the SPHHS plans to implement any curricular changes prior to Fall 2022. Any changes will not impact students currently enrolled in the MPH program and will go into effect for students who enter the program after the changes are approved.