Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

SPHHS faculty and staff pledge their support to combat systemic racism

The leadership of the SPHHS is determined to support its call for anti-racism with action. It is why we created the Center for Community Health Equity Research; why we support the Western Massachusetts Health Equity Network with whom we sponsor a bi-annual Health Equity Summit; and why our outreach and engagement office has launched the SPHHS Health Equity Summer Fellowship Program in partnership with the Upward Bound program. But we must do more. We are currently examining the policies and procedures in the school to remove systemic processes and/or criteria that perpetuate racism and discrimination due to sexual orientation, religion, or social class.

Additional events will include: virtual discussions on how structural racism affects health; anti-racist and social justice-oriented pedagogy; public policy advocacy; and curricular revisions to build our students’ capacity to understand and dismantle structural racism. We hope that our valued partners, including alumni and community members, will join us in these efforts. This historical moment calls us to act; no one can afford to be a bystander to ongoing injustice. By protecting and supporting Black lives, we will improve the lives of all people of color.

The SPHHS invites you to submit your pledge to highlight our shared commitment to anti-racism and a healthier, more just society.

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