Bio-Epi Student Action Group

The Bio-Epi Student Action Group formed in the Spring of 2020 to help the department work towards antiracism, equity, and inclusion. We meet once a week to discuss and strategize around several topic areas, mostly focused on i) improving recruitment, admission, support, and retention for graduate students from underrepresented groups and ii) improving recruitment, hiring, and promotion rates of faculty from underrepresented groups.

Some of our accomplishments in 2020 - 2021 include:

  • Development and implementation of a Statistical Ethics class, looking at statistics from an antiracist perspective
  • Targeted recruitment work to improve diversity of admissions candidate pool
  • Revisions to admissions language to make it more inclusive
  • Development of student support programs
  • Improvements to the advising system in Biostatistics
  • Planning of paid summer internship program for undergraduate students to develop the student pipeline
  • Development of system to track student outcomes by race/gender
  • Promotion of inclusive teaching improvements among the faculty

We welcome all current and prospective students to join us in this work! If you are interested in learning more, please contact Josh Nugent.