The Epidemiology concentration in the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences prepares students to unravel complex health issues by the study of the distribution of the spread of disease, social factors and other risk factors. Epidemiology offers a wide range of academic programs including:

Our faculty fosters a unique environment in which practical involvement in transdisciplinary research collaborations enhance learning, and are involved in multiple avenues of research, including community-based research, women’s health issues, physical activity, nutrition, and biomarkers.

In the Spotlight

University of Massachusetts Epidemiology faculty Rachel Volberg

An unprecedented gambling study led by Research Professor of Epidemiology Rachel Volberg has ended with the delivery of a sweeping, 178-page report that advances knowledge on gambling behaviors and recommends prevention, treatment, and policy guidelines to support players’ health.

UMass Amherst Assistant Professor of Epidemiology Cassandra Spracklen

By ensuring ethnic diversity in a largescale genetic study, an international team of researchers, including genetic epidemiologist Cassandra Spracklen, has identified more regions of the genome linked to type 2 diabetes-related traits.

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