Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. Student Haotian Wu

The PhD Program in the Department of Environmental Health prepares a student with highly specialized and applied research skills that seek to better understand the links between environmental exposures and human health outcomes.  

Briefly, the degree requires the following:

  1. Completion of 42 credit hours of coursework
  2. Completion of Qualifying Exam (typically by end of year 2/beginning of year 3)
  3. Completion of a Proposal Defense (typically in year 3)
  4. Admission to candidacy (following completion of coursework, qualifying exam, and successful proposal defense)
  5. Completion of 18 Dissertation Research credits
  6. Successful Dissertation Defense (typically in year 5)

The program considers for admission qualified candidates only after they have found a department faculty member willing to mentor them on a funded research project. For further information, contact Dr. Alexander Suvorov at

Applicants must have a background in natural sciences, engineering, or a closely related field. In addition to the major concentration in Environmental Health Sciences, the student selects a minor in either Public Health or another appropriate Ph.D. granting department within the university.