The mission of the Environmental Health Sciences department is to enhance the health of people through anticipation, assessment, recognition, evaluation and control of adverse exposures to toxic chemicals, and microbiological and physical agents. These exposures can occur in air, soil, water or food, outdoors in the ambient environment, and in traditional and non-traditional workplaces and residences.

Achieving the Mission

To accomplish the educational portion of its mission, the concentration prepares students, with prior undergraduate/graduate education in natural and physical sciences, to be leaders, with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to assume expanded roles in evaluating and regulating environmental exposures to humans.

The concentration provides the environmental health sciences core course for all public health majors and specialty courses for graduate students in the environmental health science specialty. Environmental health sciences courses are also available to graduate students majoring in natural sciences, engineering and health sciences.

To accomplish the research portion of its mission, the department conducts basic and applied research to:

  • identify sources of environmental exposures
  • develop new methods for measuring exposure
  • synthesize knowledge and skills to identify environmental exposures
  • develop models to assess risk and predict environmental exposure
  • develop models for predicting the fate of toxic agents in the environment

To accomplish the outreach and public service portion of its mission, the department faculty:

  • apply scientific principles to public discussion of environmental exposures
  • translate environmental health sciences principles into public policy and regulation
  • communicate environmental health sciences research results to the public
  • apply skills to resolve new problems through public service and consulting
  • contribute their skills to professional societies
  • enhance environmental health professionals through continuing education