Diversity and Inclusion

SPHHS ALANA Student Association: We will offer support, networking opportunities, service learning activities, pre-college outreach, socializing, workshops (e.g., leadership, advocacy, study skills, career development), and help prepare students to enter graduate school and or employment.

SPHHS Diversity Speaker Series: This distinctive lecture series aims to bring public health faculty and professionals from underrepresented groups at UMass and from other institutions to discuss health issues.

SPHHS Diversity Interns: During the resource fair weekends, select students from all of the majors will serve as ambassadors for the SPHHS and generously share their experiences with UMass undeclared students and/or prospective applicants from underrepresented groups.

SPPHS Diversity Dialogues Day: This would be a dialogue program that allowed students in the SPHHS to explore questions of identity and social justice.