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 Fruit/Vegetable Delivery Driver (Hourly)

UMass Amherst Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Hiring Period: Full Year / Winter Break 

Hourly Pay Rate: $18 + mileage  

Hours per week: 15 to 20 

On/Off Campus: On Campus/Off Campus  

Work-Study/Non Work-Study: Non Work-Study, Work-Study  

Drivers needed for the New Moms Wellness Study to be responsible for delivering produce sample boxes to participant homes and returning samples back to campus on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All deliveries and pick-ups will be contactless, and all participants live within a 35-mile radius of UMass.   

 Applicants have their own car and car insurance. Mileage will be reimbursed at a standard rate.   

Must be available to work on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings or afternoons. We are currently looking for students who will be available for the Winter break period (December 19th - February 3rd *excluding holidays). Drivers will have the option to stay on for the spring and summer semesters 

No face-to-face contact with the study participants is required.   

Job interviews will be conducted via Zoom.  

If you’re interested, please email with a Subject Heading of “Delivery Driver” to or call us at: (413) 545-1037.    

Learn more about our study at: 

Deadline: December 5, 2022
Posted: 2 weeks 20 hours ago

1:1 Communication & Educational Partner/Para-professional/ESP

Northampton family

Northampton family seeking a kind-hearted, open-minded, patient, curious, and playful person to work full-time with their 10 yr old son as his Communication Partner/1:1. The child is home-based this school year and thus his "school" program is located at therapists, tutors, and social groups throughout Northampton and nearby towns.

Open Date: November 1st 

Salary: $25-$35 per hour, commensurate with experience. 36-hour week. 

General Description of Position

The 1:1 Communication and Education Partner will be the daily partner to a 10-year-old boy who is home based for his 4th grade year. The child has two significant speech challenges which make his expressive language (speech) difficult for peers and adults to understand. (His speech becomes understandable and decodable by an attentive listening partner within 2 weeks.) These speech challenges, as well as his global apraxia, make it difficult for him to learn within a typical school classroom. The child is therefore completing his 4th grade year based from home and accessing learning, therapeutic, and social scenarios throughout the community. The 1:1 is meant to be his communication partner - taking him to and joining him in his programming to support him with engagement and conversation with peers, adults, and the community. This involves ensuring his voice is heard, his feelings expressed, his interests conveyed, and his learning and therapeutic programming accessed. 

The child is part of a loving, fun, and flexible family who is excited to have a 1:1 join the team and be a joyful and creative partner to the kid and family. The 1:1 will be supported and trained by the child’s parents, highly skilled therapists, and tutors. 

The child is very interested in playing sports, listening to music, learning about animals, seeing and engaging with people, and playing games. He is an extremely empathetic and socially aware kiddo who is sometimes shy because he knows that most people don’t understand his words. Once he is comfortable with a person, he opens up and is a silly, kind, and curious kid. He also has his times of frustration and benefits from appropriate reminders about choice-making and behavior. 


  1. Play and engage with the child when no official programming is happening in his day 
  2. Help with “homework” from speech, reading, and math therapies 
  3. Transport child 
  4. Do simple field trips based on mutual interest between child and 1:1 
  5. Participate in some therapies and tutors 
  6. Make sure child eats lunch and snack 

Required Qualifications and Characteristics: 

  1. Open-minded, kind-hearted, patient, curious, good listener and quick learner 
  2. Determined and creative problem solver 
  3. Enjoys interacting with kids 
  4. Experience working with elementary age and neurodiverse kids 
  5. Physical abilities: crouch and bend down, jog or move around to play sports 
  6. Can balance being loving and supportive with firm and directing 
  7. Preferred: Special Education teacher 


  1. $25-$32/hour 
  2. 36 hour week 
  3. Mileage covered 
  4. Flexible, fun, and kind work environment 
  5. Opportunity to learn from and with a fantastic child with complex learning and speech challenges 6. Opportunity to observe and learn from a variety of teaching and therapeutic experts 

Contact Rachael Wein at or text 510-301-8434 if you are interested and qualified for this position.

Deadline: January 7, 2023
Posted: 3 weeks 4 days ago


Americorps: DIAL/SELF

Each year, 17 DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Members build relationships with young people and support them in developing skills, connectedness, and confidence in their learning. They create opportunities for young people to set goals, drive their own solutions, make decisions, fail, learn and grow. They meet young people where they're at and support them to get where they want to go.

The DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Program (DSAP) has three core elements:

  • On-site youth work at a local school or nonprofit.

  • Team service project in collaboration with youth and community.

  • Weekly workshops in areas such as youth work best practices, multiple intelligences, integrating the arts into learning environments, motivational interviewing, conflict resolution, positive youth development, equity and inclusion, civic engagement, group facilitation, healing-centered engagement, life after AmeriCorps and asset-based community development

Learn more and apply

Deadline: Until filled
Posted: 10 months 2 days ago