Video Career Chats

Video Career Chats

Our alumni are an incredible resource.  They are eager to give professional advice, share details of their career paths, and are interested in helping you along the way. 

1. Find them on Connect UMASS, a networking site just for UMASS students and alumni exclusively. 
2. Head over to LinkedIn, and search "University of Massachusetts Amherst", then "alumni".  You can find folks by major, where they work(ed), and when they graduated.
3. Watch our Career Chats (below) and see how they took their UMASS degrees and soared.

Public Health

Careers in Public Health with Alumni:  Generated and facilitated by current Public Health students. This video was designed as a sustainable resource that lasts, as well as to create an environment where current students can gain knowledge and narrow down their career interests in this expansive major.  This panel focuses on multiple alumni each choosing different paths with their degree.

Careers in Local and State Public Health.  Antonia Blinn, Director of Performance and quality Improvement for the Mass Department of Public Health and Dawn Sibor, Executive Director of the Mass Health Officers Assocation discusss their own career paths, give advice, and share how to navigate applying for positions in public service.

Neil Meltzer, 1978. President and CEO of LifeBridge Health. His background includes over 20 years of hospital and healthcare leadership in Baltimore, MD.  Here, Neil shares his best tips for professional success, including “Always say yes”.  

Kassandra Jean-Marie 2020. Kassandra worked as a medical assistant while completing her undergraduate bachelor of science degrees in Public Health and Microbiology. She is currently enrolled at UMASS medical school and plans to practice in community health settings to address disparities in health equity in underserved communities.

Julia Taylor, 2019.  After completing her Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Julia has entered a three year Nurse Practitioner clinical program. Her focus is on vulnerable communities, and she currently works as a a home health care technician to suppor the physical needs of a young client.

Maureen Gichura, 2019. After graduating with a Bachelors of Public Health and a certificate in biomedical research, Maureen is currently enrolled in the Rutgers University MPH program, with a concentration epidemiology. 

Aanal Bhavsar, 2019. Aanal is pursuing her Masters in Health Administration from Regis College. She currently works as a Implementation Specialist for Meditech, an Electronic Medical Records company.

Abhi Renikuntla, 2020.  Abhi joined Teach for America, where she teaches 6th grade Math.  She discusses the job search process, her long held passion for education and how teaching during the pandemic helped her grow professionally.

Isabelle Springer, 2019. Since graduating Isabelle works in the up and coming area of Tele health services. She is currently a Project Associate with Athenahealth and enjoys being able to make a tangible difference in patients’ lives by working directly with doctors and hospitals.

Niamh Mulrooney, 2017. Founded Your Story International Haiti while at UMass, networked her way into an inaugural data science fellow in clinical research with NIAID, received a Fulbright studying attitudes and perceptions of HIV young nursing students in Eswatini, and is currently working on a research study at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, The University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Idrogo, Alicia. Alicia is a Physical Therapist whom works in rehabilitation services and recently completed an advanced certification to become a Orthopedics Clinical Specialist.

Lisa Ann Bostrom. Lisa is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist working in rehabilitation services. She has worked in four different healthcare settings during her career and loves the variety in her work.


Luiza Froes, 2019. Luiza decided she needed to explore the working world of nutrition before making the decision about whether or not to apply to a dietetic internship.  She focuses on nutrition education for WIC and loves serving her community through her work. Watch the video to see what her next steps are.

Adi Wyshogrod, 2017. Adi is a Registered Dietitian and small business owner.  Her business is a virtual private practice mostly working with clients on weight loss goals.

Armina Frederick, 2018. Mina took the love she found for the sciences in her nutrition program and is completing her PhD in the experimental and molecular medicine department at Dartmouth College. 

Barbara Storper. A Registered Dietitian and Executive Director and Founder of FoodPlay Productions, a nutrition education theater company. She creates and brings live theater shows to kids around the country for over 30 years.

Colleen Lynch, 2012. She works as a therapeutic nutrition representative and shares her experiences working remotely with hospitals to build their hospital formulary, focusing on the sickest patients.

Elora Simpkins, 2016. Elora works for a business scientific equipment manufacturing company in a variety of capacities, including research, marketing/sales, and answering technical questions.

Harena Gebreyesus, 2018. Harena shares how she is utilizing her nutrition knowledge to apply to medical school in order to focus on preventative care.

Julia Burdick, 2017.  She works for Amherst Regional Public Schools as a Nutritionist.  Amherst Public Schools are well known for their innovative practices, including utilizing local farms and sustainable food sources.

Marissa Chiapparino, 2015. Marissa serves as a Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutrition Navigator at Holyoke Medical Center. In her RD role, she prepares patients for bariatric surgery and weight loss clinic. 

Marla Phelps, 2018. Marla works in clinical care at an Acute Rehabilitation Center, as well as collaborating with UCONN health in the area of community nutrition.

Sam McGrath, 2017.  Sam loves working in telemedicine and specializes in type 2 diabetes care.

Anna O'Brien, 2015. Anna focuses on helping children with chronic diseases as a Registered Dietitian at Boston Children’s hospital in the preventative cardiology clinic.

Ted O'Brien Ted follows a different route as a nutrition alumnus working as an acupuncturist, adding a holistic component to nutrition and health.

Vanessa Ames, 2016. After many years in graphic design, Vanessa changes career fields and becomes a RD at the YMCA.  She also owns a nutrition counseling business and loves talking about entrepreneurship.