School of Public Health and Health Sciences Accreditation

The UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences has been accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) Board of Councilors for a full, seven-year term, extending to July 1, 2022.

CEPH is an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit schools of public health and public health programs offered in settings other than schools of public health. These schools and programs prepare students for entry into careers in public health. CEPH assures quality in public health education and training to achieve excellence in practice, research, and service, through collaboration with organizational and community partners.

CEPH accreditation sets the benchmark by which all accredited schools of public health strive to “enhance health in human populations through organized community effort.” Accreditation assures our constituents that we have rigorously and systematically planned and evaluated the quality and content of our instruction, research and service programs, and activities and have met the high standards of our profession. This self-study process is one part of our ongoing effort to continually improve our programs to meet the needs of our students, public health partners, and citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Copies of the self-study report and CEPH's final review for accreditation report are available in the links below.

View the SPHHS self-study report.

View the CEPH Council's final accreditation report.