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Associate professor of nutrition Lorraine Cordeiro

Lorraine Cordeiro, associate professor in nutrition and director of the Center for Research on Families at UMass Amherst, was one of five UMass system faculty to receive the 2022 Manning Prize for Teaching Excellence. The prize recognizes exemplary dedication to students and the university.

University of Massachusetts Community Health Education faculty Gloria DiFulvio

Gloria DiFulvio, senior lecturer in Health Promotion and Policy and undergraduate program director for the public health sciences major, has been named the winner of the school’s 2021-2022 College Outstanding Teacher Award.

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MPH student Sam Tarplin's path to UMass is unlike most of his classmates'. As a former counselor specializing in addiction recovery, Tarplin takes his experience and uses it to forge his own path in addiction research at the School of Public Health & Health Sciences at UMass Amherst.