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University of Massachusetts Amherst Assistant Professor of Community Health Education Elizabeth Evans

In what could serve as a model for tackling one of the nation’s top public health crises, Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Policy Elizabeth Evans is teaming up with two Western Massachusetts sheriff’s offices to design, implement and study an opioid treatment program for jail detainees in Franklin and Hampshire counties.

University of Massachusetts Department of Kinesiology Professor and Chair Catrine Tudor-Locke

In an ongoing study exploring walking for health across the adult lifespan, Catrine Tudor-Locke, professor of kinesiology and associate dean for research, and postdoctoral researchers Elroy Aguiar and Scott Ducharme, found that walking cadence is a reliable measure of exercise intensity and set simple steps-per-minute guidelines for moderate and vigorous intensity. They concluded that for adults, age 21-40, walking about 100 steps per minute constitutes moderate intensity, while vigorous walking begins at about 130 steps per minute.

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From community-based researchers working on suicide prevention efforts to environmental health scientists trying to mitigate air and water pollution, faculty in all disciplines in the UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences are working together toward the common goal of helping improve the physical and mental well being of our populations.