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A team of UMass Amherst kinesiologists led by Associate Professor Edward “Ned” Debold, working with biophysicists from the Penn State College of Medicine, collaborated on the groundbreaking study examining how myosin converts energy into work.

UMass Amherst Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology Susan Hankinson

Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology Susan Hankinson has been awarded the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Research 2020. This lectureship recognizes an outstanding scientist whose work has inspired or has the potential to inspire new perspectives on the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of breast cancer.

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Since the spring, Aimee Gilbert Loinaz, SPHHS Assistant Director for Internships and Employer Engagement and UMass Amherst's Manager of Student Contact Tracing Programs, has led student contact tracing teams to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in our communities. Without her leadership the UMass Amherst COVID-19 Contact Tracing Center would not be what it is today, one of the largest and most efficient COVID detection and prevention programs in the state.