Cynthia N. Hoen

Cynthia N. Hoen (’08), JD, MPH, FACHE is the president of Cynthia N. Hoen & Associates LLC based in Newark, NJ.


In April 2010 I started a health-care issue consulting firm, Cynthia N. Hoen & Associates LLC. I am consulting for hospitals, physician groups, insurance companies, and NGOs on health-care issues including compliance, patient safety, risk management, and claims practices. Prior to starting my own business, I was the assistant general counsel for Atlantic Health System, a two-hospital system with approximately 1,200 beds in northern New Jersey.

Q: Why UMass Amherst Online MPH PHP?

A: When I was the director of risk management for Atlantic Health System, the Institute of Medicine had published its first report about hospital safety. Because it was clear the report would change hospital operation and impact my responsibilities, I decided that I needed to further my education in health care. I chose UMass Amherst because of the flexibility of this online program. It enabled me to continue my job and obtain my master’s degree.

Q: How has your UMass Amherst MPH PHP helped you?

A: The PHP program was very relevant to my daily responsibilities and assisted me in my responsibilities at Atlantic Health Systems, including implementation of a new electronic occurrence reporting program, statistical analysis of the data compiled resulting in the development and implementation of risk management and patient safety programs using a public health planning model. I continue to use the skills, tools, and knowledge I gained from the PHP program.