Alice Fiddian-Green

Teaching Associate
Community Health Education
303 Arnold House


  • MPH student, Doctoral Student Research
  • Teaching associate

Research Description: 

Alice’s research focuses on the field of reproductive health among marginalized populations, using narrative, digital, and visual research methods. Her current research utilizes digital storytelling to explore perinatal and postpartum opioid use disorder, and innovative ways to enhance retention in medication-assisted treatment. Alice also works with local public health organizations that work to promote health equity.

She most recently completed a project entitled 100 Acts of Kindness Towards Pregnant Women, which engaged community residents from multiple sectors to share ideas on ways to promote healthy pregnancies, healthy families, and community resiliency. The project culminated with a quilt made from those community messages, and which is now part of a traveling exhibit that will be displayed at local clinics, hospitals, health centers, political offices, and community organizations in Springfield throughout 2016. 

Key Publications: 

  • Fiddian-Green, A., Gubrium, A., Peterson, J. (In press). Puerto Rican Latinas Coming Out to Talk About Sexuality and Identity. Health Communication. 
  • Gubrium, A. Fiddian-Green, A., & Hill, A. (In press) Conflicting Aims and Minimizing Harm: Uncovering Experiences of Trauma in Digital Storytelling About Sexuality with Young Women.
  • In Waycott, J. & Warr, D. J. (Eds.) Ethics for Visual Research: Theory, Methodology and Practice. Melbourne, Australia: Palgrave Macmillan 
  • Gubrium, A., Fiddian-Green, A., DiFulvio, G., Lowe, S., & Del Toro-Mejias, L. (2016). Measuring down: Evaluating digital storytelling as a process for narrative health promotion. Qualitative Health Research, 1-15 
  • DiFulvio, G., Gubrium, A., Fiddian-Green, A., Lowe, S., & Del Toro-Mejias, L. (2016). Digital storytelling as a narrative health promotion process: Evaluation of a pilot study. International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 0(0): 1-8 
  • Gubrium, A., Fiddian-Green, A., Jernigan, K. & Krause, E. (2016). Bodies as evidence: Mapping new terrain for teen pregnancy and parenting. Global Public Health, 1-18