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Undergraduate Studies

Take a Foreign Language Placement test in Spanish here(For Portuguese contact the Portuguese Program Director)

Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan undergraduate studies at UMass combine strong academic programs with personalized advising and professional development opportunities to offer an outstanding student experience.

Pursuing a primary or secondary major in Spanish or Portuguese is the forward-looking choice of today's students who realize that they can significantly enhance their professional opportunities and earning potential by having bilingual and bicultural professional skills. With careful planning, students find ample time to fulfill requirements for a double major or a dual degree. For majors with regional or global interests, additional work pursuing a Catalan minor or a certificate in Latin American Studies or International Relations is an attractive option. For those pursuing studies towards a medical or health profession, our Spanish & Health Certificate is also a popular choice.

Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan students develop bilingual and bicultural skills that are increasingly in demand in today's global economy. Our graduates hold a variety of positions in a wide range of fields including teaching, translation, banking and financial services, medical and health services, hospitality & tourism, publishing, international development, government & social services, media, advertising and sales, and more.  The demand for bilingual professionals who can navigate the unique linguistic and sociocultural needs of bilingual communities and institutions in the US and internationally is growing rapidly.

If you are interested in declaring Spanish or Portuguese as your primary or secondary major, or would like to pursue another one of our program options (e.g. Catalan minor), please schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, who can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

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