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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Study Abroad

Graduate Study Abroad Programs

Granada Program

Graduate Program: Granada, Spain

The Universidad de Granada will grant free enrollment in the Doctoral Program "Languages, Texts, and Contexts" to one UMass graduate student. The selected student will have the option of auditing classes or receiving credit towards the completion of her/his graduate studies at her/his home institution. The student will receive a monthly stipend during nine months, as she or he works as Visiting Professor of English (24 credits or approximately 8 hours of class per week).

Eligibility: There is just one position available. Preference will be given to advanced graduate students of the Spanish and Portuguese program, but other graduate students in the department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures are welcome to apply. Native or near-native fluency in English is required. Experience in the teaching of English as a second language is desirable.

Application: Interested students should submit: (1) a one-page statement indicating their qualifications and explaining how a year in Granada would be beneficial to their academic development; and (2) a brief letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

Oviedo Program

Graduate Exchange Program: Oviedo, Spain

Students will be enrolled in regular classes offered at the Universidad de Oviedo, and/or have the opportunity to take Spanish classes at the Escuela para extranjeros program with Erasmus students from other European countries. Students will receive a stipend of 1,000 EUROS per month during nine months from the Universidad de Oviedo, while they work as English Teaching Assistants or perform administrative tasks at the Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización y Cooperación al Desarrollo.

Eligibility: There are two positions available. Preference is given to Spanish and Portuguese graduate students, but other LLC graduate students are encouraged to apply. Fluency in English and experience in second language teaching, especially in teaching English as a second language, are desirable. Participation in this programs does not count as part of the renewal process for graduate students and does not count against the student’s available years of funding

Application: Interested students should submit a one-page statement indicating their qualifications and explaining how a year in Oviedo would be useful to their academic development; and a brief letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

Summer Program in Salamanca

Assistant Director for the Summer Program: Salamanca, Spain

The Assistant Director is expected to work a limited number of hours during the Spring semester, mainly with advertising the program and recruiting students. During the program, the Assistant Director will serve as a back up to the director in event of a health emergency, and will also be on call for students 24 hours a day. He or she will assist the Director with social activities and excursions, help students adjust to life in Salamanca, practice their Spanish, and to work through any issues they may have with their housing. Students will be granted a stipend while in Salamanca, and will have both their travel expenses and room/board covered by the unviersity.

Eligibility: There is one position available each summer and the selection of the Assistant Director will be based on criteria such as: academic & teaching performance, ability to give & follow directions, high level of commitment of time & effort, ability to interact with different personality styles, and language proficiency.

Application: Graduate students interested in the position must prepare an electronic version of their transcript(s), their Curriculum Vitae, as well as a one-page statement indicating their qualifications.