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Spring 2019

Catalan, Portuguese and Spanish courses for spring 2019


Catalan Courses


Course # Name Instructor Time
Catalan 110 Elementary Catalan TBA TBA
Catalan 120 Elementary Catalan II TBA TBA
Catalan 297A Conversational Catalan TBA TBA
Catalan 321 Catalan Culture TBA TBA


Portuguese Courses

Course # Name Instructor Time
Portuguese 120 Elementary Portuguese II TBA Multiple sections
Portuguese 126 Intensive Elementary Portuguese I TBA TBA
Portuguese 240 Intermediate Portuguese II TBA TBA
Portuguese 312 Advanced Composition TBA TBA
Portuguese 321 Intro to Portuguese Literature II TBA TBA
Portuguese 470 General View of Portuguese Linguistics TBA TBA
Portuguese 496 Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers TBA TBA


Spanish Courses

Course # Name Instructor Time
Spanish 110 Elementary Spanish I TBA Multiple sections
Spanish 120 Elementary Spanish II TBA Multiple sections
Spanish 230 Intermediate Spanish I TBA Multiple sections
Spanish 240 Intermediate Spanish II TBA Multiple sections
Spanish 302 Conversatoinal Spanish II TBA TBA
Spanish 311 Advanced Grammar TBA TBA
Spanish 312 Oral and Written Expression TBA TBA
Spanish 321 Literary Currents - Spain II TBA TBA
Spanish 322 Intro to Spanish American Literature TBA TBA
Spanish 323 Spanish American Literature II TBA TBA
Spanish 324 Intro to Latina/o Literature TBA TBA
Spanish 356 Spanish for Medical Professions TBA TBA
Spanish 378 Spanish Phonetics TBA TBA
Spanish 397W Latin American Cinema TBA TBA
Spanish 415 Culture and Civilization TBA TBA
Spanish 470 General View of Hispanic Linguistics TBA TBA
Spanish 497L Latina/o Pop Culture Manifestations TBA TBA
Spanish 497TC Spanish Translation - Community Service TBA TBA
Spanish 497WW Carribean Women Writers TBA TBA
Spanish 597PT Practicing Literary Translation - Spanish/Portuguese/Catalan TBA TBA
Spanish 597SJ Social Justice and Community Engagement Research TBA TBA
Spanish 671 Applied Linguistics and Methodology TBA TBA
Spanish 697B Viajes y Fronteras TBA TBA
Spanish 797BS From Paper to Celuloid TBA TBA

Please Note: This is an anticipated Spring 2019 line up. This schedule is subject to change finalized course listing will be posted no later than November 31st, 2018