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Spanish Minor

Requirements for the Spanish Minor

To complete the SPAN minor you must take 5 upper-level courses. At least 2 of the 5 courses must be taken at UMass (or in a UMass "residency" program), and a grade of C or better must be earned in every course. 

If you intend to minor in Spanish, please "Declare a Spanish Minor". Review the list of courses that you must take to complete for the SPAN minor and plan how you will incorporate these into your schedule before graduation.

During your final year of studies, the Spanish minor adviser will communicate with you to confirm that you have completed the required courses for the SPAN minor or will let you know which courses you still have to take to receive the SPAN minor. When you finish your final semester, the minor adviser will take care of the appropriate transaction on SPIRE to ensure that the Spanish minor shows up for your graduation. 

NOTESPAN 240 (or equivalent), AP Spanish 4 or 5, or Spanish placemnt test 500+ are the prerequisites for beginning the courses towards the SPAN minor.

I. Pre-Minor Preparation (2 courses)

SPAN 311 Advanced Grammar. (SPAN 314 recommended for Native/Heritage Speakers)

SPAN 312 Oral and Written Expression  (SPAN 312 must be taken at UMass, or in a UMass "residency" program, ie. cannot be a transfer credit)

II. Minor Core (2 courses)

Choose two from the following courses:

SPAN 320 Literature of Spain I (to the 17th century)

SPAN 321 Literature of Spain II (18th to 20th century)

SPAN 322 Spanish American Literature I (to the 19th century)

SPAN 323 Spanish American Literature II (20th century)

SPAN 324: Introduction to Latino/a Literature

III. Upper-Level Course (1 course)

One upper-level elective numbered 400 or above, taught in Spanish, and chosen with the adviser's approval.

Important Note:

During their final semester at the University, it is advisable that students confirm with the Spanish minor adviser that they intend to graduate with the minor so that s/he can ensure that her dates of graduation for you match with your actual dates of graduation.