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Natercia Bicalho '22

“Working as an EMT sparked an interest in being an advocate for the latino community. Being a part of the Spanish and Portuguese Studies program at UMass also allowed me to learn more about my own culture.”

Natercia Bicalho senior Biology and Spanish double major on the pre-med track. She is a native Portuguese speaker, and her studies amplify her ability to serve the latino community.

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Adriana Almeida '21

“Before college I already knew that I wanted to study Speech-Language pathology, and I was already noticing that I wanted to serve the bilingual community.”

Adriana Almeida is a senior from North Attleboro, MA. She is triple-majoring in Communication Disorders, Spanish, and Portuguese. As a Portuguese heritage speaker, Adriana is passionate about diversifying Speech-Language Pathology

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Noelle McManus '21

“I’m interested in going into publishing and writing. The classes I have taken in the Spanish Program have broadened my horizons and given me more perspectives in writing.”

Noelle McManus is a senior undergraduate from Long Island, NY. She is pursuing a dual degree in Linguistics and Spanish. Her studies complement her interests in publishing, writing, and literary translation.


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Melissa Rodríguez '22

“I finally found my purpose at UMass. I realized I could be the voice of a whole community, especially in the science and medical areas, where Latinos are still the great minority.”

Melissa Rodríguez is a sophomore. She moved to the US from Cuba four years ago, and lives in Winthrop, MA. She is on the pre-med track pursuing a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a secondary major in Spanish, and a certificate in Translation and Interpreting. She hopes to utilize her Latino culture in the fields of science and medicine. 

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Brook Hansel '19

"Just as important as it is for teachers to be bilingual, educators also need to learn about the diverse cultures of the students and help them bring their own perspectives and experiences into the classroom."

Brook Hansel is a senior student from Lunenburg, Massachusetts. She will graduate at the end of spring 2019 with a primary major in Spanish and a secondary major in History. She is an athlete on the UMass cross country and track and field teams, and a member of the Commonwealth College. Next fall Brook will be living in Galicia, Spain. She has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. 

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Adrelys Mateo Santana '20

"I made it a personal goal to make any place where I work or study, an accessible and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of what language they speak."

Adrelys Mateo Santana is a Psychology major specializing in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services. She is also pursuing a secondary major in Spanish. Adrelys was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, but currently lives in Lawrence, MA. She loves education and is grateful for the opportunity to attend UMass and follow her two passions, Psychology and Spanish. 

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