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Language Placement & 100-200 Language Courses

If you are a True Beginner (no language experience), please enroll in SPAN/PORT/CAT 110.

Also, please book an appointment with one of our advisors so that we can welcome you to the program, and help you navigate your course/program options. 

*If you are interested in enrolling in Spanish after having some exposure (eg. high school) please click here for more specific information about which course is best for you and how you should go about enrolling. Otherwise, follow the directions below.


If you have some language experience in Spanish or Portuguese, and are not a native/heritage speaker OR did not pursue AP high school language please do the following:

       1)    Take a Foreign Language Placement Test in Spanish here.

       2)    Book an appointment with the appropriate advisor that corresponds to your language program/interest.

              Consult our list of advisors here


If you are a native/heritage speaker of Spanish or Portuguese, or have some existing Catalan language skills, please book an appointment with the following advisors--they will guide you in course/program selection.

          Advisor for Spanish native/heritage speakers:    Professor Stephanie Fetta, Herter Hall 417,

          Portuguese Program Director:   Professor Luiz Amaral,  Herter Hall 404,

          Catalan Advisor:   Professor Guillem Molla, Herter Hall 421,


If you graduated high school with AP language credit (Spanish or Portuguese), please book an appointment with the appropriate advisor to choose courses/program.

            Spanish:   Professor Patricia Gubitosi,  Herter Hall 423,

            Portuguese:   Professor Luiz Amaral, Herter Hall 404,


SPAN/PORT/CAT 110, 120, 230, 240

The language series 110 > 120 > 230 > 240 is designed to develop basic language and communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Once students successfully complete the 240 level, they can enroll in upper level (300-400) language and content electives that examine a wide range of topics such as literary and cultural studies, film studies, linguistics, translation & interpretation, and courses that develop bilingual and bicultural communication and professional skills.