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Integrative Courses

Integrative Experience

Spanish 394 – Preparation Program Spanish Speaking World : The purpose of this class is to introduce students to opportunities in study abroad, service learning and internships in the Spanish-speaking world. By the time students finish this course they should be able to think critically about these opportunities and to make an informed decision about the type of program you would like to join as part of your Spanish Integrative Experience. This course, plus a linguistic and cultural immersion experience and Spanish 494RI taken after the experience, satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-Span majors.

Spanish 494 – Reflection of the Experience Abroad : The purpose of this course is to help students reconsider their experience abroad, in an internship or in community service learning, understanding this experience to include their preparation, travel, return and future possibilities. We will consider the relationship between these experiences and students daily lives. We will explore the ways in which people with different training and life histories have approached issues of intercultural and international exchanges while considering the possibilities and constraints of learning across boundaries.