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Looking back on the Bombing of Gernika

Lecture for the Douglass Chair in Basque Cultural Studies.

Looking Back on the Bombing of Gernika.

Professor Xabier Irujo

Nov. 3. 5pm. 601 Herter Hall

Few events in the history of the world have aroused the passions of the decent, the fair, the peaceful, and the just as much as the brutal terror bombing attack on the Basque town of Gernika. From the decision of the fascist forces to attack the city, to the horror of the bombing, to its aftermath, the terrible events of Gernika  colored not only the modern history of the Basques but of all of humanity as it ushered in a new age of warfare.

Our guest scholar is Professor Xabier Irujo, Director of the Center for Basque Studies and Professor of Genocide Studies at the University of Nevada Reno.  Beside leading the most important center for scholarship on Basques, he has published extensively on the events of Gernika.

His website has a lot of open access material on Gernika you might want to look at or refer students to. If you want to circulate readings in advance you may find material at our web page on the bombing here