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Community Engagement Opportunities

Our students can participate in community engagement projects with local Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking communities under the supervision of our faculty and local organizations.

SIGN-UP for Spanish community-based activitiesSpanish community sign-up

If you would like to receive regular notifications about our on-going community-based activities, please sign up for our Email listserve here: Spanish Outreach email list

Or contact Professor Danielle Thomas with your WhatsApp # to join a WhatsApp group for notifications:

When participating in a community engagement project, students can participate in non-credit activities OR earn between 1 and 3 practicum credits (1 credit per every 3 hours worked per week). These credits will count towards the total number of credits needed for graduation, but may not fulfill any requirement of the major. Students need to sign a contract with the organizaton and be in touch with a faculty sponsor in order to receive practicum credit  (SPAN 398 / PORT 398). 

You can participate in our community activities in a variety of ways. 

  • Sporadic volunteerism:  participate in one-time language & cultural events in our local community
  • Regular volunteerism:  commit to a regular # of hours supporting one of our language & cultural initiatives in the local community
  • Community Engagement & Service Learning (CESL):  participate in a community-based activity as part of your SPAN course curriculum (SEE:  CESL program for more information)
  • Internships: commit to a leadership role and regular # of hours supporting one of our language & cultural initiatives in the local community

If you have any questions about the community opportunities we have planned for 2020-21, please contact Danielle Thomas:



Additional Opportunities

There may be additional opportunities currently under development. You may get in touch with one of our faculty to learn about any forthcoming projects: