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Please follow this link for information regarding the Accelerated M.A.

For all the other programs, see below.


  • All materials should arrive by December 10, 2023 for admission in the following fall semester. Applicants who qualify are encouraged to review REAL fellowship.

Application Materials

  • Statement of purpose.
  • Writing sample in Spanish, Portuguese, or Catalan. English is also acceptable for Hispanic Linguistics applicants.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Transcripts.
  • TOEFL exam (for non-native English speakers).
  • Application fee.

For more information about these materials, see the FAQ below.

For more information about the application process, visit the Graduate School Admissions page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require the GRE exam?
  • No, we don't require the GRE exam.
Do you offer funding support to complete the M.A. or the M.A.T.?
  • We only offer funding support to complete the Ph.D.
Do I need an M.A. in order to apply to the Ph.D. program?
  • You may access the Ph.D. program with or without an M.A. in Spanish / Portuguese or a related discipline. If you enter the program without an M.A., we will offer you an additional year of funding to complete the Ph.D. while you fulfill additional requirements. At the same time, to enter the Ph.D. program, your level of Spanish / Portuguese needs to be sufficient to conduct graduate-level work in that language. Your language level will primarily be assessed from your writing sample or (in some cases) an oral interview. 
Do my letters of recommendation need to be in English?
  • Yes, your recommenders should write their letter in English.
What is the minimum required score in the TOEFL exam?
  • The Graduate School requires a minimum of an 80 in the internet test.
Are there any alternatives to the TOEFL exam?
  • If the TOEFL exam is not available in your country, the Graduate School also accepts the IELTS exam. The minimum score required in the IELTS is a 6.5.
What should my statement of purpose include?
  • Your statement of purpose should outline your academic background and scholarly interests. It should also address the reasons why you want to pursue a graduate degree in Spanish / Portuguese studies and the ways in which you think that our program and faculty could help you achieve your goals. It should be of about 800-1,000 words in length.

What can I submit as a writing sample and how will you look at it?

  • You may submit a term paper, thesis, or even a publication related to the scholarly area in which you intend to concentrate. For admission to both our Ph.D. and M.A. programs, we will regard it as a sample of your academic background and, if you are seeking admission into the Ph.D., we will look for hints of your potential to accomplish advanced original research. If written in Spanish or Portuguese, we may also look at it as a proof of your command of the language. 

When should I expect to hear from you?

  • The Graduate Studies Committee reviews applications between February and April. You will hear from us as soon as we have made a decision about your application. 

Is the stipend you offer to doctoral students enough to live on?

  • Yes, you will be able to live on your stipend in the Amherst area without difficulty.  

Where can I look for housing?