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Affiliated Faculty

Spanish and Portuguese studies is in constant collaboration with faculty across UMass and the Five Colleges. Our partnership with distinguished colleagues in neighboring academic divisions and institutions supports our organization of exciting academic events, innovative coursework offer, and contribution to interdisciplinary research initiatives. Affiliated faculty often serve as members of graduate exams, theses, and dissertation committees in our program.


  UMass Amherst
Name Department Email 
Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge English, CLACLS
Marisol Barbón Comparative Literature
Michael Becker Linguistics
Aviva Ben-Ur Judaic & Near Eastern Studies
Mari Castañeda Communication
Anne Ciecko Communication, Film Studies
Harley Erdman Theater
Isabel Espinal Dubois Library
John Kingston Linguistics
Roberto Ludovico Italian
Andrea Malaguti Italian
Magda Oiry Linguistics
Michael Papio Italian
Daniel Pope Film Studies
Tom Roeper Linguistics
Barry Spence Film Studies
Jackie Urla Anthropology
  Five Colleges
Name College Email 
Sara Brenneis Amherst College
Catherine Infante Amherst College   
Ilan Stavans Amherst College
Justin T. Crumbaugh Mount Holyoke College
Roberto Márquez Mount Holyoke College
Dorothy Mosby Mount Holyoke College
Nieves Romero-Díaz Mount Holyoke College
Ibtissam Bouachrine Smith College
María Estela Harretche Smith College
Michelle Joffroy Smith College
Reyes Lázaro Smith College
María Helena Rueda Smith College