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Please consider the list of advisors below, and email the advisor or log on to the EAB-SSC system to schedule an appointment.

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List of Advisors: Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan

  Undergraduate Program Director

  Patricia Gubitosi    

   Herter Hall 422

   E202 South College

  Portuguese Program Advisor

  Luiz Amaral   Herter Hall 404

  Catalan Program Advisor

  Guillem Molla   Herter Hall 421

  Graduate Advisor

  Meghan Armstrong-Abrami   Herter Hall 420

  Spanish  Major Advisors

Class of 2022

Class of 2021, Last Name A-J

Class of 2021, Last Name K-Z

Class of 2020, Last Name A-K

Class of 2020, Last Name L-Z

Class of 2019


  Stephanie Fetta

  Regina Galasso

  Albert Lloret

  David Rodríguez-Solas

  Guillem Molla

  Luis Marentes


  Herter Hall 417

  Herter Hall 406

  Herter Hall 402

  Herter Hall 419

  Herter Hall 421

  Herter Hall 425

  Spanish Minor Advisor

  Emma Rivera-Rábago   Herter Hall 407

  Spanish 100-200 Language Director

  Carole Cloutier   Herter Hall 408

  Spanish Advisor for Heritage Speakers

  Stephanie Fetta   Herter Hall 417

  Advisor for the Professions

  Danielle Thomas   Herter Hall 423