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Accelerated MA in Spanish

Spanish majors admitted into the Accelerated MA can complete graduate coursework to obtain an MA in Spanish one year after fulfilling their BA requirements (4+1). Through the Accelerated MA, students will gain advanced knowledge in Hispanic Linguistics, in Translation, Literature, Culture and the Visual and Performative Arts of the Hispanic World.

Applications are due on the fall of the junior year (deadline: October 15).

Application Materials:

  • Personal Statement
  • Transcripts
  • Current Resume
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation



Requirements of the Accelerated MA

  1. Complete 30 graduate credits.
    1. At least 24 of those credits need to be in SPANISH courses.
    2. At least 12 credits need to be in 600-level courses or higher.
  2. Spend the two consecutive semesters of the MA year in residence.
  3. Fulfill the language requirement (for example, with coursework in Portuguese or Catalan. Students can choose any other language and fulfill this requirement by earning a grade of B or better in a 240 level course, or higher).
  4. Pass an MA exam on a major and a minor area of examination.


The student’s BA advisor will serve, by default, as advisor of the MA.

In consultation with their advisor, students will pick a major and a minor area by the end of the fall of their 5th year, and will ask the examining faculty in those areas for the reading lists.


Here is a typical coursework schedule:


Spring Junior

Fall Senior

Spring Senior

Fall MA

Spring MA

[e.g., PORT 246 – Intensive Intermediate Portuguese is offered in the spings]

[e.g., CAT 246 – Intensive Intermediate Catalan is offered in the falls]




HISPAN 698 (3 cr)



M.A. Exam:

Pre-requisites: Students must have completed all requirements for the degree, except for currently enrolled courses. All incompletes must be cleared and grades recorded prior to the administration of the exam.

Credits: In order to prepare for the exam, M.A. candidates will register for at least 3 Master’s Practicum credits (HISPAN 698) during their spring semester.

Committee: Two (2) faculty specializing each in one of the areas chosen by the candidate will serve as examiners. Both committee members must be members of the Spanish and Portuguese graduate program faculty. The committee members chosen by the student in consultation with their advisor will be appointed by the Graduate Program Director. Changes in committees already appointed may be effected with the approval of the Graduate Program Director.

Exam date: The exam will be administered during the 10th week of the spring semester

Reading lists: Students are examined in two areas, a major area and a minor area. 

Format: Exams are taken over 2 days (4 hours per day) on the 2 reading lists. The student answers 2 questions of 4 possible per day. The student may choose to write the exam in the target language or in English.

Grading: Students may obtain a High Pass, Pass, or a Fail. If a student fails, the student is allowed to take the exam one more time as soon as possible.