Please use this "rule of thumb" when considering enrollment in Spanish language courses (SPAN 110, 120, 230, 240):

SPAN-110: students with no prior knowledge of Spanish (up to 1 year maximum of High School Spanish).
SPAN-120: students with 1 year of High School Spanish (up to 2 years maximum) or have completed 110.
SPAN-230: students with 2 years of High School Spanish (up to 3 years maximum) or have completed 120.
SPAN-240: students with 3 years of High School Spanish (up to 4 years maximum) or have completed 230.

*If you received 4 or 5 on AP Spanish, please contact our Undergraduate Program Director, Patricia Gubitosi (@email)--she will help you to navigate your entry into the Spanish program.

NOTE: In order to register for SPAN 120, 230 or 240, without the prior requisite of SPAN-110, you will need to contact Celia Almeida about an override: @email 

Mrs. Almeida can add you to a class, PROVIDED that there is room in the section and that you are within the enrollment dates for your year/level. Please do not contact Mrs. Almeida until you are within your enrollment dates.

In order to override you into a course, Mrs. Almeida will require the following:

(1) your student ID number;

(2) the section in which you would like to register, along with the 5 digit class number.

Please forward this message to Mrs. Almeida as the Language Director's permission to be overriden into the course.