(Pre-requisite: Spanish 240, 242, 246 or instructor’s consent)

Spanish 301 – Spanish Conversation (3 credits): This class is designed to help students further develop listening and speaking skills through guided conversation in Spanish.

Spanish 306 – Spanish Pronunciation (3 credits): This course offers an introduction to the sound system of Spanish, with a special focus on the challenges English speakers face in acquiring these sounds. Students will be introduced to tools for phonetic analysis as a means for obtaining visual feedback for speech production. Students will also be introduced to aspects of phonological variation in Spanish.

Spanish 310 – Advanced Language through Culture (3 credits): This is an advanced Spanish course that introduces students to academic writing through the study of Latin American or Spanish cultural production. Taught in Spanish.

Spanish 311 – Advanced Spanish Grammar (4 credits): This course is designed to give students a thorough review of some of the major grammatical features of the Spanish language. For majors, minors, and other students who plan to continue studying Spanish. Spanish native and heritage speakers should take Spanish 314.

Spanish 312 – Oral and Written Expression (3 credits, Junior Year Writing) This course is designed to develop oral and written skills in order to increase fluency in Spanish. Class activities and assignments are oriented to develop aspects of Spanish discursive genres through a variety of written and oral practices.

Spanish 314 – Spanish for Heritage Speakers  (3 credits): This course is for students of heritage Spanish who speak Spanish as a result of home/community use, but who have not studied it formally. Students will formalize their Spanish skills through classroom conversation, reading texts based on contemporary topics, and argumentative writing. Grammar will be interwoven through these activities. *Program equivalent of SPAN 311 for native/heritage speakers.