Requirements for the Spanish Minor

The minor in Catalan studies consists of 15 CREDITS of coursework (nine required and six elective) on the language and culture of Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking areas. None of these credits may be taken Pass/Fail, and a grade of C or better must be earned in each course. Up to six credits may be taken abroad with departmental approval.  STUDENTS ARE ADVISED TO FILL A "INTENTION TO DECLARE A MINOR" FORM AND TURN IT IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN THEIR CAREER.

I. Required (9 credits)

  1. CATALAN 246 Intensive Intermediate Catalan (6 credits)

  2. CATALAN 321 Catalan Culture (3 credits)

II. Electives (6 credits)

Choose from the following:

  1. CATALAN 311 – Advanced Intermediate Catalan (3 credits)

  2. CATALAN 378 – Catalan Phonetics (3 credits)

  3. CATALAN 520 – Old Catalan Literature (3 credits)

  4. CATALAN 521 – Modern Catalan Literature (3 credits)

  5. SPANISH 321 - Literary Currents: Spain II (3 credits)

  6. CATALAN 397B - Barcelona and the Catalan Culture (3 credits)

  7. SPANISH 415 – Culture and Civilization of Spain (3 credits)

  8. SPANISH 597T – Catalan Cinema (1 credit)

Other courses not listed here but with a significant component related to Catalan language and/or culture may qualify as electives.

Important Note:

Students interested in the minor, seeking approval for coursework to be taken abroad, or for electives outside the Catalan program will need to meet with their minor advisor.