By studying abroad, you'll gain an invaluable experience of linguistic and cultural immersion in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking environment. Many of our majors and minors choose exchange programs sponsored by UMass Amherst and our program. Check out our Study Abroad Blog to see and hear how studying abroad has enhanced their education.  

Regardless of the program you choose, all students need to obtain the approval of their advisor before departure to guarantee that all courses taken abroad fulfill the requisites of their degree.

Programs sponsored by Spanish and Portuguese Studies at UMass:


Avoid unpleasant surprises upon your return to UMass. By choosing one of the programs listed above, you can be certain that the courses you take abroad will transfer without issue.

No Limitations

If you enroll in one of our sponsored programs, there is no limit as to the number of credits you can transfer towards your minor and major in Spanish or Portuguese. 


We strive to make the study abroad experience available to all students. Your financial aid is available to study abroad.


For more information about study abroad programs in Spanish, Portuguese, or Catalan Studies at UMass, contact an advisor.

You can find additional information on the International Programs Office site.