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Jonathan Wynn

Professor and Department Chair

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Jonathan Wynn studies urban culture.

He wrote The Tour Guide: Walking and Talking New York (2011), Music/City: American Festivals and Placemaking in Austin, Nashville, and Newport (2015), and The City and the Hospital: The paradox of medically overserved communities (forthcoming 2023 co-authored with Daniel Skinner and Berkeley Franz), all with the University of Chicago Press. In addition to articles published in City & Community, Qualitative Sociology, Media, Culture and SocietySociological Forum, Cultural Sociology, and Contexts Magazine, two of his articles are “Hobo to Doormen: The Characters of Qualitative Analysis, Past and Present” (in Ethnography), and "On the Sociology of Occasions" (in Sociological Theory). Pieces of public sociology have been placed in The Guardian, The Conversation, and The Washington Post

The City & the Hospital focuses on a central puzzle: Why are a city’s worst health outcomes often found in the neighborhoods directly around prestigious hospitals? As large hospitals tower over urban neighborhoods and health policy pushes non-profit hospitals to do more to support local communities, we find a surprisingly complex story of two interlocking systems: disadvantaged urban communities and high tech health care facilities. The book takes a closer look at the intertwined fates of these systems in three cities: Aurora, CO; Cleveland, OH; and Hartford, CT. He is also working on an Urban Culture primer (co-authored with Andrew Deener) that is under contract with Oxford University Press, and is a contributor to the direct-to-student introductory textbook, A Sociology Experiment

Since 2011 Wynn has been a regular contributor to the Everyday Sociology blog, and is a contributor to the UMass Prison Education Initiative

Listen to an interview on BBC Radio on The Tour Guide. Listen to "Death to Concrete Culture" on WGBH Boston/PRI's Innovation HubThe Academic Minute and the Australian Broadcasting Company's Future Tense for discussions of Music/City.



PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2006

Research Areas

Urban and Cultural Sociology, Ethnography & Qualitative Methods, Theory