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Amy Schalet

Associate Professor

Amy T. Schalet, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Sociology at UMass Amherst.  Dr. Schalet is a specialist in culture and adolescent sexuality in comparative perspective, and author of Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens, and the Culture of Sex.  Not Under My Roof is an award-winning study of culture, sexuality, and institutions. It has been used as a tool to inform policy and practice by physicians, policymakers, parents, social workers, and other youth-serving professionals. In March, 2022, Not Under My Roof was named one of the five best books on Teenagers and Sex on Five Books In addition, Schalet has co-authored several influential review articles synthesizing scientific evidence pertinent to sexual health policy making.  Funded by two dissemination grants from the Ford Foundation, she has shared her research with over 40 policy, clinical, education, and other practitioner groups, including at the Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Massachusetts and Colorado Departments of Public Health, and the Friends School of Portland. Schalet's public scholarship on sexuality, culture, and health has appeared in the New York TimesWashington Post, ConversationHuffington PostNBC Think.  Schalet contributes to national and international media conversations on topics related to gender, sexuality, the transition into adulthood, and parenting, including on CNN, Marketplace, the New York Times, CosmopolitanStuff (New Zealand), Wired Magazine, and USA Today

Dr. Schalet is also a recognized expert in the practicemethods, theory, and evaluation of public scholarship, and the public communication of academic knowledge. Dr. Schalet was a co-author of the American Sociological Association’s 2016 white paper, “What Counts? Evaluating Public Communication in Tenure and Promotion," which has drawn attention from the Paradigm Project, the media, and other scholarly societies. Schalet has been invited to speak on the cultivation and evaluation of public engagement at the American Educational Research Association, Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, the University of Michigan Meetings, and public engagement initiatives of the American Sociological Associations.

At the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Schalet served as the inaugural director of the UMass Public Engagement Project. Pioneering the Public Engagement Project Faculty Fellowship, Schalet provided peer mentoring to thirty-one faculty fellows from across the social and natural sciences, education, engineering, and the humanities.  PEP fellows gained media citations, testified in front of the UN, collaborated with community groups, and effectively engaged diverse non-academic constituencies.  For this work, Schalet was honored with a Provost's citation and the 2021 ADVANCE Faculty Peer Mentoring Award in the College for Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Within the PhD program, Schalet teaches the Sociology of Culture, the Sociology of Sexualities, and In-Depth Interviewing as a Methodology. She also developed a graduate seminar on public engagement as a scholar, entitled, Making Research Public.  In the undergraduate program, Schalet teaches Sexuality and Society, Society and the Individual, and Generation Z Culture.  She is an enthusiastic mentor of undergraduate researchers, offering one-on-one supervision in theses, portfolios, and research apprenticeships, as well as leading teams of undergraduate researchers.  

Schalet is at work on her book, Talking Our Way Toward Democracy, and a series of articles, about how to use sociology to create transformative communities in the classroom and the world.  


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California–Berkeley, 2003

A.B., Social Studies, Harvard College, 1992.


Sociology of Culture, Sexuality, Gender, Political Sociology; Methodology; Public and Applied Sociology; Practice, Theory, and Evaluation of Public Engagement as a Scholar


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-- Winner: 2013 William J. Good Best Book Award, ASA Family Section; 2012 Distinguished Scholarly Research Award, ASA Children & Youth Section; Carol Mendez Cassell Award for Excellence in Sexuality Education, the Healthy Teen Network;

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