The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Mark C. Pachucki

Associate Professor

I am a sociologist who investigates phenomena at the intersection of social determinants of health, social network dynamics, and culture. While it is commonly accepted that culture and social context reciprocally shape our health, understanding the structure and meanings of relationships can give additional insight into individuals' health behaviors and disparities over the life course. For more information about my current course offerings, publications, educational philosophies, research projects, and full CV, visit my personal website, which I tend to update more frequently than this one.


(Post-doctoral fellowship, RWJF Health & Society Scholars, UC San Francisco & UC Berkeley, 2012)

(Ph.D., Sociology, Harvard University, 2010)

(M.A., Sociology, Harvard University, 2007)

(B.A., Sociology, Columbia University, 2003) 

Research areas

Social networks, social determinants of health, computational social science, culture

Selected publications

Pachucki, Mark C., Anthony Paik. 2023. "Ditching a friend who is not like you can deepen social inequality." The Conversation. April 10, 2023
Paik, Anthony, Mark C. Pachucki, Hsin Fei Tu. 2023. "“Defriending” in a polarized age: Political and racial homophily and tie dissolution." Social Networks 74: 31-41.
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