Joya Misra

Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Graduate Program Director


Ph.D., Sociology, Emory University, 1994

Research Areas

Comparative Political Economy, Race/Gender/Class, Welfare States, Methods & Statistics.

Selected Publications

Joya Misra and Kyla Walters. 2016. “All Fun and Cool Clothes? Youth Workers’ Consumer Identity in Retail Clothing.” Work & Occupations. 44(3): 294-325.

Ragini Saira Malhotra, Joya Misra & Diego F. Leal. 2016. “Gender and Reproductive Labor Migration in Asia, 1960–2000.”  International Journal of Sociology, 46(2): 114-140.

Michelle Budig, Joya Misra, and Irene Boeckmann. 2016. “Work-Family Policy Tradeoffs for Mothers? Unpacking Cross-National Variation in the Motherhood Earnings Penalty.” Work & Occupations.  43(2): 119-77. 

Irene Boeckmann, Joya Misra, and Michelle Budig. 2015. “Mothers' Employment in Wealthy Countries: How Do Cultural and Institutional Factors Shape the Motherhood Employment and Working Hours Gap?” Social Forces. 94(3) 1301-1333.

Joya Misra and Marta Murray-Close. 2014. “The Gender Wage Gap in the US and Cross Nationally.” Sociology Compass. 8/11: 1281–1295.

Joya Misra and Eiko Strader. 2013. “Gender Pay Equity in Advanced Countries: The Role of Parenthood and Policies.” Journal of International Affairs. 67(1): 27–41.

Kyla Walters and Joya Misra. 2013. “Bringing Collaborative Teaching into Doctoral Programs: Faculty and Graduate Student Co-teaching as Experiential Training.” American Sociologist. 44(3): 292–301.

Stephanie Moller, Joya Misra, and Eiko Strader. 2013. “A Cross-National Look at How Welfare States Reduce Inequality.” Sociological Compass. 7(2): 135–146.

Selected Presentations

Race, Gender, and Class Section Chair’s Session: How Changing the Conversation Changed Sociology: Intersectionality's Impact in the Discipline and Beyond. American Sociological Association, Seattle, WA, 2016. 

Collaboration and Gender Equity among Academic Faculty (with  Laurel Smith-Doerr, Nilanjana Dasgupta, and Gabriela Weaver). American Sociological Association, Seattle, 2016.

Frontline Retail Clothing Jobs: Low Wages, High Turnover, and Hours as Rewards (with Kyla Walters). Precarious Labor Conference, Seattle, 2016.

Triangles or Quadrangles? Multi-level Management, Customers, and Workers in Retail Service Work (with Kyla Walters). Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, 2016

Good Jobs or Bad Jobs? Youth Retail Workers and the Service Economy (with Kyla Walters). American Sociological Associating Meetings, Chicago, 2015.

Changes in the Motherhood Penalty in the U.S., 1980-2010 (with Marta Murray-Close).  International Association for Feminist Economics ( IAFFE) Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany, 2015.

Work/Life Balance: Framing and Negotiating the Issues. (with Jennifer Lundquist). National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Education and the Professions, New York, New York, 2015.

Gendered Migration and Networks of Care (with Ragini Saira Malhotra, and Diego Leal).  Eastern Sociological Society meetings, New York, 2015.

Cross-National Policies and Relative Household Income of Families with Children By Family Structure and Parental Education (with Stephanie Moller, Eiko Strader, and Elizabeth Wemlinger). International Sociological Association World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama Japan, 2014. 

Gendered Migration and Networks of Care (with Ragini Saira Malhotra, and Diego Leal).. Eastern Sociological Society meetings, New York, 2015.

Funded Projects

Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Parenthood and the Gender Wage Gap. (2016-2017)

National Science Foundation. Faculty Workload and Rewards, ADVANCE Plan-IHE. KerryAnn O;Meara, PI. (2015-2020)

National Science Foundation. Collaborative Research: Work-Family Policy and Poverty. (2010–2011)

National Science Foundation.. The Cross-National Effects of Work-Family Policies on the Wage Penalty for Motherhood Using Multi-level Models. (2009–2010)