Millie Thayer

Associate Professor


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California–Berkeley, 2004

Research Areas

Gender/Feminist Theory, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Development and Globalization, Latin American Politics, Transnational Feminisms, Ethnographic Methods

Selected Publications

“The Gray Zone between Movements and Markets: Brazilian Feminists and the International Aid Chain,” in Alvarez et al, Beyond Civil Society: Social Movements, Civic Participation and Democratic Contestation, Durham: Duke University Press, Forthcoming.

Beyond Civil Society: Social Movements, Civic Participation and Democratic Contestation, Durham: Duke University Press, Forthcoming. (Co-edited with Sonia Alvarez, Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Agustín Lao-Montes and Jeff Rubin.)

Translocalities, Translocalidades: Feminist Politics of Translation in the Latin/a Americas, Durham: Duke University Press, 2014. (Co-edited with Sonia Alvarez, Claudia da Lima Costa, Verónica Feliú, Rebecca Hester, and Norma Klahn.)

Making Transnational Feminism: Rural Women, NGO Activists and Northern Donors in Brazil. NY: Routledge, 2010.

“Translations and Refusals: Resignifying Meanings as Feminist Political Practice.” Feminist Studies, 36:1, June 2010, 200-230.

“Transnational Feminism: Reading Joan Scott in the Brazilian Sertao.” Ethnography 2:243-71, 2001.