James A. Kitts



Ph.D., Sociology, Cornell University, 2001
M.A., Sociology, Cornell University, 1998
M.S., Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan, 1995
B.A., Environmental Studies, Oberlin College, 1992

Research Areas

Social Networks, Social Movements, Social Psychology, Organizations, Computational Social Science, Demography and Ecology, Public Health

Selected Publications

Kitts, James A. (2014) “Beyond Networks in Structural Theories of Exchange: Promises from Computational Social Science.” Advances in Group Processes. 31: 263-98.

Wyatt, Danny, Choudhury, Tanzeem, Bilmes, Jeff, and James A. Kitts. (2011). “Inferring Colocation and Conversational Networks Using Privacy-Sensitive Audio.” ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 2(1).

Kitts, James A. “Paradise Lost? Age Dependent Mortality of American Communes.” Social Forces 87(3):1193-1222, March 2009.

Goodreau, Steven, Kitts, James A., and Martina Morris. “Birds of a Feather or Friend of a Friend? Using Exponential Random Graph Models to Investigate Adolescent Friendship Networks.” Demography 46(1):103-125, February 2009.

Kitts, James A. “Collective Action, Rival Incentives, and the Emergence of Antisocial Norms.” American Sociological Review 71(2): 235-259, April 2006.

Kitts, James A. “Egocentric Bias or Information Management? Selective Disclosure and the Social Roots of Norm Misperception.” Social Psychology Quarterly 66(3):222-237, 2003.