The University of Massachusetts Amherst


David Cort

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California—Los Angeles, 2007
M.A., Sociology, George Washington University, 2001

Research Areas

Race/Ethnicity, Immigration; Social Stratification; Social Demography; Social Epidemiology; Quantitative Methods

Selected Publications

Cort, David A. and Hsin Fei Tu. 2018. "Safety in Stigmatizing? Instrumental Stigma Beliefs and Protective Sexual Behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa." Social Science & Medicine 197: 144-152.

Cort, David A. and Emory Morrison. 2014. “The Influence of Labor Market Strength and Human Capital Factors on Changes in Medical School Applicant Pools.” Academic Medicine 89(12): 1657-63.

Cort, David A., Ken Hou-Lin, and Gaby Stevenson. 2014. “Residential Hierarchy in Los Angeles: An Examination of Ethnic and Documentation Status Differences.” Social Science Research 45: 170-183.

Cort, David A. 2012. “Spurred to Action or Retreat? The Effects of Reception Contexts on Naturalization Decisions in Los Angeles.” International Migration Review 46(2):483–516.

Cort, David A. 2011. “Reexamining the Ethnic Hierarchy of Locational Attainment: Evidence from Los Angeles.” Social Science Research 40:1521–33.