The University of Massachusetts Amherst


David Cort

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California—Los Angeles, 2007
M.A., Sociology, George Washington University, 2001

Research Areas

Race/Ethnicity, Immigration; Social Stratification; Social Demography; Social Epidemiology; Quantitative Methods

Selected Publications

Avent-Holt, Dustin, Hallsten, Martin, & Cort, David A. Forthcoming. “Occupational Status and Organizations:  Variation in Occupational Hierarchies Across Swedish Workplaces. Research on Stratification and Social Mobility.

Cort, David A. and Hsin Fei Tu. 2018. "Safety in Stigmatizing? Instrumental Stigma Beliefs and Protective Sexual Behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa." Social Science & Medicine 197: 144-152.

Cort, David A. and Emory Morrison. 2014. “The Influence of Labor Market Strength and Human Capital Factors on Changes in Medical School Applicant Pools.” Academic Medicine 89(12): 1657-63.

Cort, David A., Ken Hou-Lin, and Gaby Stevenson. 2014. “Residential Hierarchy in Los Angeles: An Examination of Ethnic and Documentation Status Differences.” Social Science Research 45: 170-183.

Cort, David A. 2012. “Spurred to Action or Retreat? The Effects of Reception Contexts on Naturalization Decisions in Los Angeles.” International Migration Review 46(2):483–516.

Cort, David A. 2011. “Reexamining the Ethnic Hierarchy of Locational Attainment: Evidence from Los Angeles.” Social Science Research 40:1521–33.