The University of Massachusetts Amherst


David Cort

Associate Professor and Associate Chair


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California Los Angeles, 2007
M.A., Sociology, George Washington University, 2001

Research Areas

Social Demography; Social Epidemiology; Social Stratification; Quantitative Methods

Selected Publications

Lotz, John D., James Porter, Hoffie Conradie, Tom Boyles, Ben Gaunt, Sinovuyo Dimanda, & David A. Cort. Forthcoming. “Treating DR-TB in an Era of Shorter Regimens: Insights from Rural South Africa. South African Medical Journal

Cort, David A., Reynolds, Kathryn, & Chakraborty, Debadatta. 2023. “HIV Stigma Beliefs and Unprotected Sex Among Teenagers and Young Adults in sub-Saharan Africa: The Moderating Role of Media Exposure.” Social Science & Medicine

Cort, David A. 2022. “From Myopia to Clarity: Missed Opportunities and New Directions in an International Research Setting.” In Silences, Myopias, and Blind Spots in Research Practices. Edited by Kathy E. Davis & Janice Irvine. London, United Kingdom: Routledge Press.

Billings, Katie, Cort, David A., Rozario, Tannuja, & Siegel, Derek. 2021. “HIV Stigma Beliefs in Context: Country and Regional Variation in the Effects of Instrumental Stigma Beliefs on Protective Sexual Behaviors in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Southern Africa.” Social Science & Medicine.

Avent-Holt, Dustin, Hallsten, Martin, & Cort, David A. 2020. “Occupational Status and Organizations:  Variation in Occupational Hierarchies Across Swedish Workplaces. Research on Stratification and Social Mobility.

Cort, David A. and Hsin Fei Tu. 2018. "Safety in Stigmatizing? Instrumental Stigma Beliefs and Protective Sexual Behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa." Social Science & Medicine 197: 144-152.