The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Declaring the Major

Enrollment in the major is open throughout the semester. Students should make an appointment with a Sociology Advisor to review the requirements and declare the major. Please select "Explore a Major" as the service.

The Sociology major requires a minimum of 11 courses and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000 in the major, including the following:

  1. One introductory course chosen from among Sociology 100-level courses. (Only one 100-level course can be applied to the major.)
  2. SOCIOL 212 Introduction to Statistics (This requirement is waived for students who have taken an equivalent statistics course in another department.)
  3. SOCIOL 213 Data Collection and Analysis
  4. One course from each of the three distribution areas:
    a) Social Inequality and Diversity,
    b) Culture, Organizations, and Institutions, and
    c) Crime, Law, and Deviance
  5. SOCIOL 301 Writing in Sociology (Junior Year Writing Requirement)
  6. SOCIOL 302 Theory and Perspectives in Sociology (This course also fulfills the University's Integrative Experience requirement and should be taken in the Junior or Senior year.)
  7. Twelve (12) elective credits, at least eight (8) credits at the 300-level or above
  8. Intercultural/International course (students choose one of the following):
    a) Three (3) credits in foreign language
    b) Three (3) credits from study abroad
    c) A departmental course designated as intercultural/international