The University of Massachusetts Amherst

How Will I Know I’m Clear to Graduate?

Students should regularly check their Academic Requirement Report (ARR) in SPIRE and meet with an academic advisor in the Sociology Department (at least once a semester) in order to stay on track to a timely graduation. The ARR can tell you if you have completed your General Education Requirements and Major Requirements. However, the ARR does not track progress of minors or certificates you may be pursuing and so meeting with an advisor can be particularly helpful to keep these credentials moving forward.

Senior Sociology Majors are required to come in for Pre-registration Advising the semester before they plan to graduate. A preregistration advising hold (RAC) is placed on all Senior Primary Majors who must then meet with a Departmental Advisor before enrolling for classes. This is a safeguard against missing requirements or other obstacles to graduation.

Major requirements are cleared through the Sociology Department by the Academic Advisors.

General Education requirements are cleared through the Registrar’s office and they have the final say on whether a student is clear to graduate. They are located on the 2nd floor of the Whitmore Administration Building and can be contacted at