Certificate - Social Research Analysis

The Social Research Analysis Certificate Program

The Department of Sociology offers a Certificate in Social Research Analysis. Its purpose is to master basic skills in gathering and analyzing data. Students obtaining the certificate are prepared to obtain entry-level jobs in environments where research is conducted. The certificate also provides a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue a master’s degree in fields such as survey research, public health, program evaluation, market research, public policy and public administration.

Please note, the Social Research Analysis certificate is not offered through UWW Sociology Online.


Minimum of 15 credits

Students take three required courses and one approved elective course. 

  1. SOCIOL 212 Statistics (4 cr.)
    (an introductory statistics course in another department may be substituted)
  2. SOCIOL 213 Data Collection and Analysis (4 cr.)
  3. SOCIOL 314 Field Research Methods (4 cr.)
  4. Elective Methodology Course (3-4 cr.)
    Potentially acceptable choices include:

ANTHRO 360 Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
COMM 355 Behavioral Research in Communication
COMM 414 Studying Everyday Talk
DACSS 602 Research Design
DACSS 603 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
EDUC 327 Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practices
EDUC 619 Qualitative Research Methods in Education
EDUC 797 Special Topics - Seminar in Research Methods
EDUC 797G Special Topics - Arts-Based Research Methods
GEOGRAPH 352 Computer Mapping
HONORS 495K Research Gets Real: Principles and Practices of Community Engaged Research
JOURNAL 352 Public Relations Research and Analytics
LEGAL 450 Legal Research and Writing
MARKETNG 412 Marketing Research
POLISCI 328 Research Methods for Political and Social Sciences
POLISCI 394RI Political Polling and Survey Research
POLISCI 750 Research Design
POLISCI 755 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
POLISCI 797BB Special Topics - Qualitative Research Methods
POLISCI 797SR Special Topics - Survey Research Methods
PSYCH 241 Methods of Inquiry in Psychology
PUBHLTH 224 Epidemiology in Public Health
RESECON 313 Quantitative Methods in Applied Economics
SOCIOL 313 Survey Design and Analysis
SOCIOL 351 Social Network Analysis
SOCIOL 710 Research Methods I
SPP 607 Policy Methods
SPP 636 Qualitative Research Methods

There are also many research methods courses available from the Five Colleges that may count for this certificate - other courses (UMass and Five College) may be approved on a case by case basis by the Director of Undergraduate Advising.

Internships or Research Assistantships

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue a research-based internship or research assistantship in order to apply the skills they will develop in their coursework. These do not count toward certificate requirements.

Multiple Credentials Policy

No more than two courses used to fulfill the requirements of any one credential may be applied towards the fulfillment of another credential, wherein “credential” is defined as an academic degree program (major), minor, or certificate. One course may only be applied to two credentials. For more information, view the Multiple Credentials Policy.

Completing Your Certificate

Once you have enrolled in the final class for your certificate, please fill out the Certificate Completion Form and submit an unofficial transcript. Forms may be submitted via e-mail to advising@soc.umass.edu.

Note: To receive the Certificate in Social Research Analysis, a minimum 2.0 GPA must be maintained across courses applied to certificate requirements.

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