Current Students

Sociology is among the top nationally-ranked departments on the UMass Amherst campus (second only to Computer Science). Our faculty is nationally and internationally renowned and conducts research across a wide variety of milieus, including the United States, Europe (Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, the Balkans), India, and Latin America.

The Undergraduate Sociology Program is a dynamic and diverse environment, drawing a population of smart, engaged scholars interested in topics such as social inequality, crime, law, and society, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, work and employment, and other current topics that are particularly relevant to the work and functioning of society today.

Recent Sociology graduates have found opportunities in the fields of social policy, law, criminal justice, social science research, human resources, organizational management, education, environmental policy and research, advocacy, and social work to name a few. Students interested in continuing their education at the graduate level have successfully enrolled in law school, business school, counseling, social work, higher education, and public policy graduate programs, as well as continuing on to pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology. The Sociology degree offers a multitude of opportunities and is an excellent introduction to American society, social science research, demography, and international issues.