So You're a Senior…

Graduate and accomplish your goals!

  • Review your Academic Requirements Report.
  • Hooray! General Education requirements are finished! (If not, get moving!)
  • Finish any remaining coursework for your major(s), minor(s), or certificates.
  • Honors students: Sign up for a thesis/capstone course and complete your senior honors thesis.
  • Attend a Sociology Senior Workshop in the Fall Semester to confirm you are on track to graduate—no surprises!
  • Continue to think “What’s next?” Take SOCIOL 430 Next Steps: Preparing for Life After UMass to explore your interests and plan for the job market or graduate school if you haven’t already.
  • Identify faculty, supervisors, staff, graduate TAs and others with whom you have developed a good relationship. Put them on notice that you will be graduating and will likely ask them for a letter or recommendation or to serve as a reference.
  • Open a Career Services Credentials File to hold confidential references as you receive them.
  • Start applying to graduate programs if you will be pursuing graduate school directly after finishing your undergraduate degree.
  • Research and plan your job search.
  • Do another internship.
  • Get your resume in tip-top shape and have someone in Career Services critique it.
  • Attend your last Sociology Awards Ceremony!
  • Stay in touch after Commencement!