So You're a First Year…

Welcome to college! Here are a few things to think about during your first year here.

  • Before you get arrive on campus: Consider joining a RAP and/or taking a first-year seminar.
  • Take a 100-level Sociology course (SOCIOL 103, 105, 106, 107 or 110).
  • Start chipping away at your General Education requirements—the expectations is that these are all complete by the end of your Sophomore year.
  • Read all email that comes from the Sociology Department, especially our weekly undergraduate newsletter!
  • Visit the Sociology Advising on the 10th floor of Thompson to meet with a peer advisor to discuss course selection, connect to opportunities, and keep in touch. (Research shows that connecting to your major department early is a predictor of college success!)
  • Understand your Academic Requirement Report so that you can take charge of your college trajectory. Find out how to get yours.
  • Explore the Sociology department website to find out about all the Department offers.
  • For fun events and undergraduate news, like us on Facebook.
  • Are you doing well in your classes (3.4 GPA or higher after the first semester)? Consider applying to the Commonwealth Honors College.
  • Meet with at least one professor each semester during his/her office hours.
  • Join in! There are many fun and interesting activities happening right here on campus—try an RSO.
  • Get a resume together with First Year and Sophomore Resume Tips!
  • Eat right, get some sleep and stay healthy!
  • Having a difficult time adjusting to college life? Talk to somebody.
  • Celebrate finishing your first year at the Sociology Awards Ceremony in the spring!